Super shower

Can your shower actually ‘wrinkle-proof’ your skin? British company Vitaclean HQ has launched a filtering device that claims to remove….

  • Adieu Aibo

    Bidding goodbye to a beloved pet is always hard—even if it’s a robot. So it’s especially sweet that 114 Sony….

  • Home truths

    We all know pollution levels are at an all-time high. And according to a recent study by Kolkata environmentalists and….

  • Shattering stereotypes

    Overcome barriers of age, health and discrimination and lead a vibrant life—that was the message of The Star Seniors Festival,….


By Tina Ambani


The world at his beat

At a time when Indian classical music was considered sacrosanct, he stepped out of its confines to create his own….

When the curtains rise

Versatile dancer and choreographer Papiha Desai continues the legacy of her father, dance maestro and choreographer Yog Sunder Desai, reports….

Namaste Mumbai

Sooni Taraporevala has themed most of her work on her beloved Bombay and then Mumbai. What does the veteran filmmaker….



Dr Harshbir Rana answers your queries on personal and social issues related to ageing, elder care and intergenerational relationships  ….

Off the cuff

Propelled to the national stage with the help of two talent-spotters, the stratospheric rise of M S Dhoni to becoming….

Yoga RX

Shameem Akthar recommends breathing practices for arthritis relief   Arthritis can afflict any age group. Many people mistakenly think that….


Play your cards right

Plastic money is making waves in the cashless market, says economist Priya Desai   Why are you late today, Rama?”….

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    Financial adviser Dick Mody discusses SEBI’s new guidelines for mutual funds   Compared to its global peers, India ranks high….

  • How safe is your money?

    Economist Priya Desai suggests ways to counter cybercrime and keep your finances safe   Rarely a day passes without news….

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    Financial adviser Dick Mody discusses the benefits of family floaters vis-à-vis individual mediclaim plans   As the adage goes, ‘If….