Norse song

Nordic cultures share a cultural enchantment with nature—the Norwegians call it friluftsliv—which finds its root in lore. This is a….

  • The absence of care

    Long-term, palliative care is in short supply. That’s the conclusion of a new study of over 10,000 silvers across India….

  • Order a grandkid!

    There’s really an app for everything these days! New American start-up Papa offers silvers ‘grandkids on demand’ to assist them….

  • The old & the beautiful

    Sexy has no number, or expiry date. Just ask 83 year-old Playboy Bunny-turned-fashion blogger Dorrie Jacobson, who is shattering beauty….


By Tina Ambani


The world at his beat

At a time when Indian classical music was considered sacrosanct, he stepped out of its confines to create his own….


Pay it forward

Navi Mumbai school opens doors for underprivileged kids; Korean founder Sookja Kong Bangera says she is ready to take the….

Freedom’s foot soldier

A young ‘freedom fighter’ risked it all for his country in Assam. At 88 now, Dr Dulal Borkotoky recalls the….


It’s never 2 late

International columnist Jack York writes about the incredible work of India-born technology thought leader Sanjeev Shetty   The hunt continues!….

Off the cuff

Little-known Norman Pritchard was the first Indian star in Hollywood and the first Indian to win an Olympics medal, writes….

Yoga RX

Shameem Akhtar shows poses to tackle thyroid-related problems   Thyroid-related problems afflict a large swathe of people, especially women. We….


Money mantra

Financial adviser Dick Mody discusses the merits of asset allocation   Asset allocation stands for a plan for your hard-earned….

  • Play your cards right

    Plastic money is making waves in the cashless market, says economist Priya Desai   Why are you late today, Rama?”….

  • Simply MFs!

    Financial adviser Dick Mody discusses SEBI’s new guidelines for mutual funds   Compared to its global peers, India ranks high….

  • How safe is your money?

    Economist Priya Desai suggests ways to counter cybercrime and keep your finances safe   Rarely a day passes without news….



Wellness consultant Naini Setalvad recommends home-grown herbs to enhance the nutritive value of food   Growing up in a city….

The legacy of life

With nearly 500,000 Indians dying every year waiting for a transplant, organ donation is an imperative today, overcoming the paucity….


ApnaCare brings home a comprehensive healthcare solution for silvers   When 67 year-old Srinivas in Hyderabad finishes his breakfast, the….