We already know that silvers are closet daredevils. And now they’re storming the beach! In the US, lifeguards are traditionally….

  • Talking about a revolution

    We are clearly obsessed with the idea of immortality—the sheer number of TV shows, films and books on the subject….

  • Bath & beyond

    This June, we told you how to make your bathroom smarter to enable independent living. Here’s something new: a ‘Sit….

  • Mouse mystery

    Ageing affects sleep—we know that. And now, a study on mice may help us determine why. Researchers at the University….


By Tina Ambani



Out of darkness

Bhushan Punani’s vision for the blind grew into a mission that reaches out to people with disabilities   With a….

Art & soul

Artist Lalitha Lajmi’s brushstrokes mirror a life well lived, writes Rachna Virdi   Art often reflects life, more so if….

The world at her feet

Sangeeta Bahl was always an iconoclast, so bucking the trend came with the territory. That is why, when she set….



Dr Harshbir Rana answers your queries on personal and social issues related to ageing, elder care and intergenerational relationships  ….

My lost roots

Though Independence brought joy to millions, for many, like Bansi Singh, it is still associated with the trauma of Partition….

Off the cuff

Legendary sportsman Leslie Claudius is a champion without ego, writes Raju Mukherji   In India, our Olympic victories are few….


Banking a concern

Fear factor grips silvers as financial frauds and losses cast a shadow on the banking sector, writes economist Priya Desai….

  • Money mantra

    Financial adviser Dick Mody discusses the merits of asset allocation   Asset allocation stands for a plan for your hard-earned….

  • Play your cards right

    Plastic money is making waves in the cashless market, says economist Priya Desai   Why are you late today, Rama?”….

  • Simply MFs!

    Financial adviser Dick Mody discusses SEBI’s new guidelines for mutual funds   Compared to its global peers, India ranks high….

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Wellness consultant Naini Setalvad on how tea contributes to good health in silvers   Tea, or the humble chai, is….

Test, test, test

Potentially saving hundreds of thousands of lives is the American Cancer Society, which has recommended screening for colorectal cancer in….

Smile on

The right dental care and timely intervention can help silvers maintain good oral hygiene, says Dr Rajesh Koppikar, consultant-dental surgery,….