This is what we call digital inclusion. Cheers to 56 year-old Briton Diane Hill (@EmoldjiNanny)—she responded to an outreach project….

  • Menopause and ageing

    Hot flashes and sleepless nights could accelerate ageing, according to research conducted at the David Geffen School of Medicine at….

  • Acne = delayed ageing

    The next time your young ones weep over their latest skin breakout, tell them to take a chill pill. According….

  • Water baby

    Look, no hands—or fear! American great-grannie Millie Sullens has set the Internet on fire with a video of her waterskiing;….

Shared symphony

By Tina Ambani


Striking the right note

Composer and vocalist Sudha Ragunathan loves to play it by ear even as she attempts to take carnatic music out….


Life force

Kolkata’s Deo Kumar Saraf has brought affordable healthcare to the poorest of the poor through a chain of multispecialty hospitals….

And thereby hangs a tale

Just like his stories, there has never been a dull moment in the life of the master of intrigue and….


Kanwar’s People

Indian cinema’s ‘blue-eyed sahib’ and cricket aficionado Tom Alter is a true gentleman who lives by his code of honour,….

Yoga RX

Shameem Akthar Shows How A Simple Belt Can Help You Transit Classic Poses. We will zest up this New Year’s column….

Heart to hearth

A Series By Pratibha Jain About Silvers Who Believe Nurturing The Body And Mind Is The Key To Joy. Featuring….


Bold, not beautiful

Demonetisation may be a timely move but silvers are bearing the brunt, says Priya Desai. Sending old notes of ₹….

  • No ill Will

    Given the plethora of legal options available today, the absence of a Will is not an impediment to succession, writes….

  • Plan your retirement

    A well-thought-out pension scheme is an integral part of your security cover, says Priya Desai Financial security during the sunset….

  • Bond with the best

    Besides being a fixed income-earning instrument, bonds offer a bouquet of choices, says Priya Desai Is there any advantage if….

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